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Teacher Training

Certification in Argentine Tango and Ballroom Dance

Become a certified dance teacher!  Being a dance teacher means taking yourself to the next level as a dancer.  Not only will you know how to dance, but you will understand teaching methods and know how to communicate effectively.   At Dance Works!, we can help you towards professional certification with Dance Vision (DVIDA) in Ballroom dances like the Waltz, Foxtot and Argentine Tango, to name a few.  You will immerse yourself in dance technique using a nationally recognized syllabus. You will learn to choreograph, connect sequences to create choreography, develop lesson plans, and strategies for classr management.  Our teachers will prepare you for your examinations by ensuring that you understand the elements of dance, how to read the dance charts, understand musical information, and other necessary requirements.  When you complete this rigorous program, you will be confident in your teaching.  Professional dance certification will expand your career opportunities,   making you a more valuable asset for dance studios and schools.


Certification in Ballet

There are only a handful of international organizations that certify ballet instructors. At Dance Works! we train you for certification as a ballet instructor through the Cecchetti Council of America (CCA).  If you currently teach ballet and are looking to elevate the quality of your teaching through internationally recognized teaching methods, then this program is for you.  This is at a minimum a two-year program that required teacher trainee dedication and commitment.  Using the CCA syllabus, you will be expected to understand the ballet exercises, how and why each exercise is done as well as how each is used to lead the student toward successful execution of ballet combinations and steps. Teaching methods and strategies for students at all levels will be discussed. Once you have a solid knowledge of the Cecchetti Council of America, you will take an exam by a national examiner to confirm your knowledge.

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