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Swing Dance

Learn to swing dance to popular rockabilly and jazzy swing music in this fun and easy going class. There are several Swing Dance Styles that include Single Swing, Double Swing, Lindy Hop, West-Coast and East Coast Swing. All these dances have their roots in the 1900’s and really became popular with the Big Band Era.  Each Friday night, you will warm up with a review of basic swing foot patterns, learn the basic swing step, and be introduced to a fun challenge step.  Every month, we will be hosting a Swing Dance Social for you to dance with other people and make friends. Swing is a fun social dance and no partner is needed to learn.  

Swig Dance Students

Swing - All Levels

Single Swing - Timing, rhythm, patterns, simple combinations


8:00 – 9:00 p.m.


Expires in 60 Days from date of purchase

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