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HolidyPosada & Open House

December 16, 4-8 p.m.

Featuring the Art of

Ruth Georgina Gámez Rivera 

Live Music | Holiday Treats | Free Tango Class

Ruth Georgina Gámez Rivera

Geo is a professional artist from Cd. Juarez who began her artistic studies in drawing and painting at the Academy of the Maestro Lázaro Zambrano in León Guanajuato in 1974. She studied various art courses at the Department of Fine Arts at the Universidad Autonoma de Cd. Juarez, and in 2007 she graduated from Centro Municipal de las Artes with a concentration in Professional Techniques of the Visual Arts. She continues to work with Maestro Manuel Piña. 

She currently exhibits her work at the Agave Rosa, a beautiful local gallery located at 905 Noble Street, next to the International Museum of Art. She has been a featured artist at  Centro Cultural de la Ciudad, the Museum of Art at Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes (INBA), the Museum of Archeology at the Chamizal and various locations throughout the region and Mexico. 

Ms. Gamez is an active member of the artistic community, contributing her time and talent to various groups in Cd. Juarez.  She has been recognized for her work by the Mayor of Cd. Juarez as one of the leading “Women of Talent,” for four years in a row (2007-2010). In 2015, she was recognized for her work in the restauration of the historic district of Cd. Juarez, and was designated as a “Distinguished Woman of 2016” by the Ibero-American Women’s Club.

In her work, she interprets the expressions and nuances of women from diverse backgrounds and in diverse styles and personalities.  Some expressions are whimsical, some nostalgic, some angelic.  Her compositions in blue, subtle pigmentation, and use of stylized facial features capture the more intimate moments of the feminine spirit.   Enjoy and please visit us!

El Paso Dance Works is hosting our 1st Holiday Posada & Open House featuring the artistic talent of Georgina Gamez, who is a local artist from Cd. Juarez.  One of the features of the dance studio is to feature the artistic talent of regional artists.  We want you to get to know the talent in El Paso and dance in a beautiful and interesting environment. It is a pleasure for us to bring to you the art of Ruth Georgina Gámez Rivera.

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